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Finally a web site that works for you! Instead of you working for your website. This is the only web site in the world that does everything for you automatically!!!!


                        SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

                        You no longer have to worry about the huge cost, time and knowledge needed to place your web site on the top of the search engines such as Google. You web site from Illuminati does it for you! It self optimizes puts your site on top and pushed it higher in the ranking's everyday.

Illuminati website are the world's first and only self optimizing websites.

This means you will no longer have to worry about search engine optimization! 

Search engine optimization is extremely costly and difficult to rank number 1 on Google or YouTube under Prime keywords it would cost you thousands of dollars and still be no guarantee that your site would rank number one or even in the first three pages of the major search engines .

Without ranking on the first page of Google you may not you may as well not even make a website . Because without being on the first page of Google no one ever is going to see your website nor are you ever going to make any sells or money. It's that simple. In order to rank on the first page of Google under important keywords you would need the following.

Facebook profile and business page optimized for Google and the major search engine with videos, pictures optimized and optimized content . 

Twitter account videos and content optimize for the search engine.

YouTube personal account and channel for the business optimized along with videos optimized for the first page of Google.

90% of videos made from your Illuminati website will automatically go to number one on you tube in less than one hour!!!!! Under your main keywords!!!! You only meed to click 1 button and you made a video number one on YouTube.

Google+ page profile and business page both optimized and content optimized.

Many other social networking platforms such as LinkedIn Instagram just to name a few.

Internet Reputation--

You will also need a good reputation personal or for your business as Google will rank you depending upon your internet reputation.

All the above items must be connected together they must all be optimized under the same keyword and optimized in a way that Google will arrange everything you do in the first page of the search results and this is a short list of what it takes to rank on the first page of Google.

As you can see it's a daunting task making all of the separate account you would need to be an expert if each one of the social networks, in order to optimize any one of them to rank your website in the top of Google.

Just buying a websites or making a website yourself really does absolutely no good unless you just want to make pretty pictures and text to show your friends.

It will do nothing to sell your product or make you money.

Until now

With a website from the Illuminati's everything listed on this page and much more is done for you automatically.

You will not have to worry about anything.

Its automatic and it is optimized, in fact, you will not need to leave your website to monitor and use your, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn make YouTube videos Google Plus or any other social networking tool. It is all done right on your website .

Users of your website will never need to leave your website to use their all things listed above and much much more including Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube videos are all available right from your web site.

Every user of your website gets a different web site one catered to the user displaying the users local news and weather and interests of that user. The users social media profiles are opened via your website.

Without ever leaving your website each time of user use your website for their social networking purposes Google see this interaction places and pushes your website higher and higher daily in the search engine results.

A normal website, if you're lucky and work really hard might get you a hundred visitors a day, if your lucky. To get a thousand visitors a day with any other website is really just a dream and less 1% of the millions of websites get 1000 new visits a day.

With a website from Illuminati your website will get thousands of visitors and application downloads.

Our web sites are made with the new internet technology and we host your website on the same server that is hosted.

This gives your website preference with Google and brings you thousands of hits per day to your website and applications.

Your web site and apps are in the Google Play Store, Amazon Cloud, Amazon store, Apple Store and many other services that help your website and mobile applications reach the audience that you need to be successful.

Your website from Illuminati is fully responsive will work with all mobile devices and mobile apps are included and published on all major mobile app stores.

>This is all done automatically for you so that you can get back to running your business instead of running a website.

Information will be gathered from every visitor who visits your Illuminati website. 

Including email address.

friends of all social networks.

Interests, hobbies , relationship status , age , income level

Any and all information you wish to know about each visitor this information is saved for you to use in your marketing campaigns.



Finally a web site site that works for you!!! Instead of you working for a website. Make friends with your website let us give your site CONSCIOUSNESS!

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