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Illuminati presents Mark lance Moody


The Illuminati proudly presents mark Lance Moody a theoretical physicist who has been working with the Illuminati for years developing a unified field theory a working model of the universe and understanding of light and reality.

We have restrained Moody from bringing this information out into the open . For with this information carries grave responsibility, not only to the Illuminati and Mr. Moody but to all of mankind .

We bring forward now, after careful consideration this information. based on the current state of affairs of the world.

We feel now is the proper time to open the book of truth, because the destruction that the ultimate knowledge. may cause we believe, will be less at this point in time then the destruction that will be caused by not releasing the truth.


Mark Moody is being held as the new Rock-star of theoretical physics his groundbreaking discoveries and research have unraveled the mysteries that have kept man kind of the dark for millennia.  

Mr. Moody's uncanny ability to visualize the world in more than three dimensions has helped him to not only discover the actual model of the universe but mathematically calculate realities .

With the ability to calculate a reality it takes the probability out of the universe. We can now with accuracy predict the outcome of anything in our universe. Quantum Mechanics has finally been laid to rest.

The name Mark Lance Moody will soon be a household name and his discoveries will determine the very outcome of mankind.

The Illuminati name means. the holders of knowledge, the bringers of the light,

That is who we are and that is what we always have been. Yes it is true we hold knowledge that the general public is not privy too. Some knowledge can do more harm than good. The knowledge we hold can only be released at the proper time in history.

For when it is released at an improper time much more damage than good is done.

The majority of the information being released on this website has been previously discovered and is known by your world leaders and is being misused.

They don't want you to know what we're going to show you.  

In just a few short videos you will understand reality the reason you exist how you exist, and why you exist.

It doesn't matter what you believe, when you hear the truth you will know it to be the truth.

Are you ready to shake the hand of God to think the thoughts of God to create your universe in the way you want?

Welcome to enlightenment watch the videos and enjoy your path.

Mathematical Expressions

Using the following expressions one should be able to calculate the Reality for any given Object.


Consciousness=distance fom center of the galaxy x speed x age 

reality(r) = consciousness(Co) x mass of the universe(Mu)

r = CoMu

Reality Conspiracy Moody
Video 1

Moody Reality conspiracy. the truth has been hidden from you. If you think you can control and manipulate reality without first understanding reality? Your wrong

Reality Conspiracy Moody
Video  2

Moody Reality conspiracy. Find the truth about the hidden reality. Unknown never before seen in public the actual truth of reality

Reality Conspiracy Moody
The Bird video 3

reality conspiracy moody. only with true power of belief can we control and manipulate reality.

Reality conspiracy moody three truths video 4

Reality Conspiracy moody everything nothing video 5

reality conspiracy moody,,something and nothing. Reality is revealed for the first time

Reality Conspiracy moody illusions video 6

Reality Conspiracy moody. The truth of what light is and how it moves. The entire universe is an illusion

Reality Conspiracy moody black hole Video 7

Reality Conspiracy moody, there is a black hole at the center of every Galaxy However it the same black hole at the center of every galaxy.

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